Affiliate Program

About SHOPINSEA   affiliate program

SHOPINSEA is the largest online fashion store for women and has grown rapidly in the past three years. We provide high-quality skirts at low prices. We have newcomers every day, and we are constantly changing and developing to serve our market.
Now, we are looking for you to join the SHOPINSEA  membership program to help us grow faster. You love fashion as we do and may be proud to be with us.

SHOPINSEA is very friendly for our affiliates

  • From technology supports to products vision effects, SHOPINSEA  has leading advantages on mobile shopping.
  • We have a significant social media presence, with over 2,300,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram combined.
  • We have Apple and Android app, the daily active users up to 10,000.
  • We are fun, fashion forward, and our collections are designed to emphasise individuality and uniqueness.

Why Promote SHOPINSEA  ?

  • 10% commission on all sales
  • 30 cookie days
  • Weekly Rich coupons, deals, text links, banners, etc
  • Free to join
  • Real time reporting and sales tracking
  • 30-day billing period

How does the Affiliate Program Work?

1. Register and join our affiliate program

2. Add our links to your channels

 3. Customer buy from SHOPINSEA   via your affiliate links

 4. SHOPINSEA pays you commission
Affiliates will not receive free items through SHOPINSEA  affiliate program but you would like to generate commissions for SHOPINSEA  and have any questions about starting your partnership with SHOPINSEA  , please feel free to contact We look forward to hearing from you!